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Listen now…I’m Quitting August 18, 2009

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Blogging isn’t my thing anymore. It’s boring. I’ve had fun but this just isn’t worth my time.

If you want one more post, fine. here it is.


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HULLEH MULLEH December 18, 2008

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imma post soon!

Breaking Dawn Summary *spoilerS* November 23, 2008

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twilight picture

Im sorry; THE LEMUR October 16, 2008

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Im sorry I havent been posting


Okay so my friend dominique brought this lemur stuffed animal to school for me. It only has one eye, and when you squeeze it, it laughs. Apparently this guy named luke took it home a long time ago and broke its eye off. 

So I feel really bad for this lemur. I took it home and I’m caring for it. 

Oh yeah, I loved dodge ball today.

COMMENT!! please.

Last Post of the Summer August 24, 2008

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Okay so it’s my last post of the summer. I will not be posting next week because I will be on the island of Oahu. I really can’t wait, the nice, warm beaches, the cool refreshing water, the street performers, the tropical plants. I haven’t been there in a long time, and we have a lot of family and friends that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s going to be good to have a very nice vacation. I especially like the warm air, and the sweet aroma when I step out of my hotel. It makes me feel fresh and new. I wish I could stay longer, though. We’re only staying for a few days. 

Yesterday my street had a block party. It was very much fun. But towards the end, something shocking happened. Me, my friend Mason, and these two kids on my street were sitting in chairs on the street (it’s a block party, you’re allowed to do that.) And suddenly this car came rushing down as fast as it could down the street. I immediately moved out of the way. I looked back at where we were sitting and everyone was okay. All of the adults told the guy to get out of his car, he was a slightly fat old man that had a sour look on his face. Then he drove off. My and my friend that lives on my street had the biggest aftershock ever!

Later when everything was put away, me and my neighbor and some other people just talked for a while. I found out a lot of things that had happened on our street. Things I shouldn’t post on this blog (and no, I don’t mean that people have killed others.) Just gossip. I also got to know my neighbors a lot better. They are really funny and creative. They remind me of my awesome  cousins. 

So yeah, thats pretty much it. I’ll be in hawaii soon, so leave your comments now before I leave!

Things To Do In A Pool August 18, 2008

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So, there aren’t that many more days until my school starts. I really don’t want to go back, summer has been so fun lately. Well, yesterday my friends Lindsay, Courtney and I went to a swimming pool. It was super hot outside so it was the best day to go. The water was nice and refreshing. The kind of feeling when you come out of the dentist after you get your teeth cleaned, or the feeling after you take a long shower. 

The pool was shallow, but deep enough. We spent a majority of the time daring each other to do things to other people. Like we dared my friend Courtney to touch this kids foot. We actually did this many many times. We also swam between a guys legs and he didn’t even notice. We spent most of our time underwater and at the bottom of the pool. we would always just sink to the bottom and try doing push-ups or something. We also tried to swim across the pool without breathing. I cheated. But I don’t feel guilty,  because they cheated too. We did two flips underwater, I didn’t know I could do that until now. Then after that we got out and sunbathed. 

Disaster Movie, I Survived A Japanese Game Show August 7, 2008

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Yes, this truly IS a disaster movie. The jokes are the kind you would see a 7 year old kid would say. If you really want to see this movie, you’re better off giving your little cousin a video camera. This doesnt even look like a comedy at all. Meet The Spartans was retarded, and so was Epic Movie!! Like Meet The Spartans? I’d rather ride a donkey from California to Florida and watch the Aladdin Musical in Disney World. And Epic Movie, yeah, it sure was epic. It’s going down in history to be the biggest waste of time at a movie theatre. So again with Disaster Movie…they aren’t even spoofing any disaster movies. Like, High School Musical, Kung Fu Panda, Hannah Montana, Sex and the City, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Juno. How are any of those disasters? Unless you think pooping hamsters and Pregnant teenagers are disasters.

These people are only spoofing movies because they can’t make a good one of they’re own. Scary Movie 1 was excellent. Scary Movie 2 and good, Scary Movie 3 and 4 just got bad. They better make the fifth one funny or I’ll sue them. 


I was trembling with fear and excitement. I really wanted Belinda to win. I thought the final challenge looked sooooo hard. I’m so sad it’s over… And they’re not going to make another season..Boohoo.

Darkened The Sidney Knights August 4, 2008

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Trip to PA July 21, 2008

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I’m back sadly. After being at Pennsylvania for two and a half weeks, it is pretty boring here in California. I mainly went for my cousin’s wedding. Well, her baby girl around the age of 3 peed her pants when they were saying their vows. I was so grossed out and I almost had to clean it. But luckily one of my aunts did. The wedding was a lot of fun because they had this time where you could just dance to really old songs. I danced with my cousin Lauren. She’s probably my closest cousin. But not my favorite. I don’t pick favorites. I’m just saying she’s more known than most of my other cousins. 

After the wedding, my cousin Lauren drove us home (she just got her permit.) The next day, me, my dad, my cousin Lauren and my cousin Keaton went and saw Hellboy 2. It was such a good movie! We had to sneak hot fudge sundays from McDonalds into the movie theatre, since they don’t allow food that isn’t bought from there. The next day we went to a restaurant called King’s with me, and a bunch of my aunts and uncles.  Also my cousins Lauren, Bo, Logan, Mary Weather, Ivy, and violet. Me and Lauren had the best pancakes ever. They had strawberries on them. 

I’m going to skip some of the days since I stayed so long. 

So when it was the day before I had to leave, I begged my dad if I could stay longer. He said until monday morning. It would have been longer if it wasn’t for stupid ceramics class. So I got to stay for my cousin Taylor’s graduation party. Oh how fun it was. I saw my friends Taylor, Alison, and Emmy. I hung out with them and Lauren and Keaton the most. Taylor and I went and met this black guy who is 20 years old. He worked at Hollister and he became like our best friend. His name is Jordan.


Then my cousin Casey, Lauren, Keaton, Taylor, and some of my other relatives saw the Dark Knight. I’m not even going to talk about it because I don’t want to spoil it.



It’s the one with the girl and the boy daring each other with a dib.

My Friends Birthday, Deep Thinking, and Vacation July 8, 2008

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Well, I’m just going to write about the topics in the title in order. First off, my friend’s birthday is today. I’ve known her since 3rd grade. And I decided all of my friends birthdays will get a post. I guess she gets one even though she’s hardly my friend. We still goof around and are nice to each other and stuff. So….HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLEY!! And so that’s it. This paragraph was a bit short. But all it was was a simple happy birthday.

Next thing, I’ve been having oh such problems about some people you guys hardly know and that some people I know who have blogs probably would know who. It’s only a couple of people that have got me annoyed. I was talking about it with my sister for some reason because we were just bored. She said that those people are acting really foolish. I agree with her, they should not be doing the things they are doing and they should be changing their behavior. I have told only my sister and I’m not sure if one of my other friends know or not. But I wouldn’t care if only one person knew. I just don’t want everyone to know. And yeah I bet some people are going to beg me to tell them.

Topic 3: Vacation. Oh yes, the vacation. I will be going to pennsylvania this wednesday. I am staying there for 10 days. The flight will be long, but I don’t care. My friend found me this cool book I might read. And I also might read the Twilight Saga. Or this one book my sister and I bought. It’s called Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. So when I’m in Pennsylvania, I will not be posting. Who would post on vacation? I will take photos there, and I might upload them if I feel like it. It’s 12:40 am right now, and I’m tired. I have no work, no classes, no nothing happening [technically it’s “today” since it’s 12:40 am] today so I’m probably going to go see a movie, go to the mall, or something fun tomorrow. Okay good bye each and everyone of you and wish me to have a fun time today and on my vacation.


Side note: Yes, I have noticed the font color on my posts are different I’ll get out of that habit soon.